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 Marco Piemonte



Marco Piemonte is a sports & media personality, host of the “All In” podcast and partner in the Piemonte Auto Group.


Marco was born and raised in Illinois. As a teenager he attended St. Johns Northwestern Military Academy and IMG Academy for baseball.


Marco zeroed in on his two professional passions: his family’s legacy in the car industry and sports. He worked all facets of a dealership, ultimately studying at the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Mentored by his father Al Piemonte himself, Marco began appearing in commercials with his father at the age of 17 — around the same time he was introduced to sports betting by one of his father’s finance managers.

As Marco’s car dealership acumen grew, so did his sports betting knowledge.

To this day, Marco continues to learn from his mother Rosanna and his wife Allie; who he married in 2018 with whom he shares three daughters: Alexa, Ariana and Avery.


Marco’s betting success has garnered the nickname "Million Dollar Marco,” having won multiple million+ dollar bets within the last year.

In September 2022, Piemonte and his best friend Anthony Damato launched “All In,” a sports betting podcast.

With added attention from his continued betting success and popularity of “All In,” Marco is poised to be one of the premiere faces of not just sports betting, but sports media.


Whether Marco is at home with his family, at a game with friends or at the dealerships, Marco maintains a lighthearted atmosphere and shows what it truly means to be a part of the Piemonte family.


Through the ups and the downs, Marco promises to live life at 100mph, being 💯 - sharing not only his wins, but his losses and THAT is what makes him ALL IN.

100x Club
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Each week, notorious big bet baller, Marco Piemonte

("Million Dollar Marco") and co-host, Anthony Damato build their massive bet slips.


With help from the fans, celebrity friends, and other whale bettors in the space, Marco and Anthony dive into the slate of games and attempt to construct a million dollar week.

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